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Project Implementation

BACHA partners already started with the Photograph exhibitions in the premises of the partners. BACHA aims to implement three different photograph exhibitions per partner and country, counting a total of 30 photograph exhibitions. Our target is to promote the values of Europe and active participation of citizens in crucial events for the development of a modern and peaceful world.

We have great news about our project publications. We have agreed with the university of Castilla la Mancha to publish a dossier on the Baltic Chain in their journal Investigaciones Históricas, época moderna y contemporánea. The dossier seeks to scientifically analyze the work of outstanding citizens in the fight against totalitarianism, as an example of Europeanism and intensive work for a better society, a memory of the fight for freedom and a balanced society.

Seminar about the impact of the Baltic Chain in Latin America: A vision from Argentina.

On hybrid seminar with online and onsite participants discussing about the external influence of the Baltic Chain via migration.

We go to Strasbourg.

BACHA will bring 20 people to the EYE2023 event in the European Parliament in Strasbourg in the context of the project to increase its visibility.

Welcoming Ms Maria Gabriela Zoana

We were delighted to host former member of the European Parliament, Ms Maria Gabriela Zoana and listen her interesting contributions to peace, main aim of our project.
Thank you Zoana!

Bacha online event 20/04/2023

Estonia, hybrid meeting, participants from civil society and academic world in Estonia Partners online.

Presentation about partners and significance of Baltic Chain followed by a discussion on the role of citizens in the Baltic Chain

Our first seminar

Our first seminar about the Baltic Chain, BACHA European citizens spreading knowledge among citizens!

Conference on the independence of the Baltic States, where of course, we talked about BACHA and the Baltic Chain as main event of the second independence